The Digital Arts Community organizes one or two online exhibitions each year. We are open to proposals from potential curators and look forward to exciting shows featuring the wide range of amazing artwork being done in our vibrant community. Contact arts@siggraph.org for information on how to propose an online exhibition or participate in an upcoming show.

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©New Media Architecture(s)
July 2024:
New Media Architecture(s) : Virtual Topologies in Urban Spaces
©The Future of Reality
July 2024:
The Future of Reality : Post-Truths, Digital Twins, and Doppelgängers
©Speculative Futures
20 June 2024:
Speculative Futures : Digital Arts Student Competition and Exhibition
©The Future Past VS. Coloniality
18 May 2022:
The Future Past VS. Coloniality : Decolonial Media Art Beyond 530 Years
©The Earth, Our Home
28 January 2022:
The Earth, Our Home : Art, Technology, and Critical Action
©Digital Power
February 2021:
Digital Power : Activism, Advocacy, and the Influence of Women Online
©Origins and Journeys
August 2018:
Origins and Journeys : A Juried Online Exhibition
©The Urgency of Reality
June 2018:
The Urgency of Reality : in a Hyper-Connected Age
©Designing Knowledge
November 2017:
Designing Knowledge
©Immersive Expressions
May 2017:
Immersive Expressions : Virtual Reality on the Web
©Science of the Unseen
May 2016:
Science of the Unseen : Digital Art Perspectives
©Enhanced Vision - Digital Video
July 2015:
Enhanced Vision – Digital Video : An Online Exhibition
©Altered Books
July 2015:
Altered Books : Digital Interventions
©The Aesthetics of Gameplay
March 2014:
The Aesthetics of Gameplay
©Environments - Natural - Constructed
April 2012:
Environments – Natural – Constructed : DAC Online Exhibition