Victoria Szabo

Victoria Szabo is a Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies at Duke University, and directs the PhD in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures and the Certificate in Information Science + Studies. Her work focuses on immersive and interactive media for digital humanities and computational media art. She is co-lead of Psychasthenia Studio, and artists’ games collective. She was Chair of Art Papers at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 in Sydney and will be Art Papers Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2024 in Tokyo. She is also Chair of the Art Advisory Group for ACM SIGGRAPH and a member of the Digital Arts Community Committee.

SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Roles:
  • DAC Committee Member
  • SPARKS Moderator
  • Exhibition Committee
  • Exhibition Jury
  • Exhibition Curator
  • SIGGRAPH Conference DAC Presenter
  • SIGGRAPH Asia Conference DAC Presenter
  • SPARKS Jury
  • SPARKS Presenter
  • Past DAC Committee Member