Melentie Pandilovski

Dr Melentie Pandilovski is an Artistic Director who has curated over 200 projects. His roles include: Creative Producer at JOLT Arts in Melbourne, Australia; Director of Riddoch Art Gallery; Director of Video Pool Media Arts Centre; Director/Curator of SEAFair.

He was Editor of Art in the Biotech Era; Marshall McLuhan and Vilém Flusser’s Communication and Aesthetic Theories Revisited. He published Perspectives on Living and Thinking Vectors of the Anthropocene, Found Sci; Arts & Science – the Intersection (re)engineered inWiley Blackwell; The Phenomenology of (Non)Habitual Spaces for the Bioarts in Catalyst Book Series (2017).

SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Roles:
  • SPARKS Moderator
  • DAC Committee Member
  • Exhibition Jury