SPARKS February 2022

Melentie Pandilovski in Conversation with Stelarc

Date/Time: Friday February 25, 2022 / 21:00 GMT

San Diego, USA, 1:00 pm PST
Chicago, USA, 3:00 pm CST
New York, USA, 4:00 pm EST
Bogota, Colombia, 4:00 pm COT
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6:00 pm BRT
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10:00 pm CET
Sydney, Australia, Saturday, February 26 at 8:00 am AEDT

**Session Video**

Stelarc is a Cyprus-born Australian Performance Artist, whose projects and performances explore alternative anatomical architectures. Centred on the concept that the body is obsolete, he interrogates issues of aliveness, embodiment and agency in hybrid human-machine systems. His earlier performances included 27 body suspensions, performing with a Third Hand, an Extended Arm and a six-legged walking robot. His split-body performances choreograph improvised, involuntary and programmed bodily and machine motions. He has increasingly incorporated remote interaction and actuation of his body online. He has inserted a sculpture inside his stomach and has had an ear surgically constructed on his arm.
His most recent interactive installation is an Anthropomorphic Machine for the SWARM exhibition at the new Science Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.