SPARKS January 2022

The Earth, Our Home: Exhibition Opening and Artist Talks

Moderated by Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman

Online exhibition opening and 18 artist lightning talks

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The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community online exhibition entitled The Earth, Our Home: Art, Technology and Critical Action is a peer-reviewed art exhibition that explores environmental issues and humanity’s relationship to the earth and its inhabitants. The participants in the exhibition include artists and scientists from eight different countries and a wide range of expertise. Twenty exemplary works were selected for this important exhibition based on their relationship to the theme, quality of creative expression, and innovative approach to the issue. The types of work include installation art, scientific visualization, virtual environments, internet art, video art, performance, animation, augmented reality, digital images, electronic / robotic devices, artificial intelligence, wearable art and audio compositions.

The works explore a wide range of environmental and social issues. Artistic and scientific examination of contaminated soil, bacteria, plants, microscopic plankton, and food systems lead us to question the notion of beauty and ponder the issue of extinction. Works that focus on humanity’s aggressive exploitation of the environment, consumer behavior, erasure of ancestral and indigenous ways of life lead us to question our perception and anthropomorphic attitude. Non-natural mutations, wildfires, logging, droughts and the interaction of human with non-human entities are examined and exposed in provocative ways. Artists also creatively addressed the commodification of carbon dioxide, plastic pollution, the petroleum industry and the interpretation of data.

Technology played an important role in the works exhibited in this show. By using digital imaging tools, artificial intelligence systems, robotics, projections, scientific instrumentation, and more, the artists are able to produce works that provoke thought and inspire critical action.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and that the works help us all think about ways to create a balanced relationship with the earth, our home.


Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman

Presenters (in order of presentation)

Julieta Aguilera – Making Visible in Local Space
Diaa Ahmedien – The Carbon Farm
Lee Arnold – Starry Messenger
Deborah Cornell and Richard Cornell – Eclipse/Phase
Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen – Pareidolia
Mechthild Schmidt Feist – Engaged Media: Lalbagh TreeStory
Eleanor Gates-Stuart and Sergio Moroni – Deep Rooted Vision
Alexander Holland, Julian Rutten, Stanislav Roudavski – The Last of Their Kind
Colin Ives – Generative Landscapes
Mona Kasra and Matthew Burtner – Dwelling in the Enfolding
Erica Kermani – =Well No. 1
Andre Perim – Xamã
Mikey Peterson – Through The Rift
phylum: Carlos Castellanos, Johnny DiBlasi and Bello Bello – Beauty
Cynthia Beth Rubin and Susanne Menden-Deuer – Do Plankton Have Feelings?
Vibeke Sorensen – Tree Dress
Timothy Thomasson and Benjamin Keenan – 6000 Years: Visualising Human Non-human Interactions
Carmen Gil Vrolijk – Hybris

Additional Artists in the Exhibition
(not able to present at this time)

Yoon Chung Han – The Future is Red
Jenna deBoisblanc – Netscapes


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