SPARKS June 2022

Rediscovering and Reimagining Culture: Digital Art Practice in Asia

Moderated by Rebecca Ruige Xu and Yoon Chung Han


Thursday, June 23 / 9PM EDT ; 6PM PDT
Friday, June 24 / 1AM GMT ; 9AM Beijing CST
Time adjusted for Asian audiences (one event multiple time zones)

** Submit a Proposal to Present ** Deadline: June 1, 2022
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As we are increasingly seeing ourselves and the world through a digital lens, various forms of digital media and technology have influenced and altered our cultural practice globally, contributing to the mass of human creativity across art, culture, and heritage. Artists’ endeavors at the leading edge of digital culture can provide meaningful artists’ voices in this digital era. This SPARKS invites new forms of digital representation that intend to shift our perception and interpretation of the humanities/culture in an Asian context, aiming to provide new insights into how art, history, and culture can be presented in innovative ways in the digital world in Asia. There have been many ongoing collaborations and interesting creative endeavors in Asia that foster lively dialogues and bridge interesting topics especially rediscovering and reimagining culture. We hope to have this dialog as a unique opportunity for artists to reveal the motivations, thought processes, inspirations, and methodologies behind their artworks. There will be complex entanglements of our digital experience and abstract thoughts we can see through artistic voices and creative approaches. Their contributions will affect the evolution of global culture with respective genres and novel practices. We hope to move forward with new art-technology contributions and recognize the achievements of the artists who can bring technical insights and embodied artistic points of view to reveal interesting stories and cultural narratives.


Rebecca Ruige Xu – Syracuse University

Rebecca Ruige Xu’s artwork and research interests include artistic data visualization, visual music, experimental animation, interactive installations, digital performance and virtual reality. Her recent work has exhibited internationally at: SIGGRAPH & SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery; ISEA; Ars Electronica; IEEE VIS Arts Program; Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy; Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, USA; CYNETart, Germany; International Digital Art Exhibition, China and Boston Cyberarts Festival, USA. Xu is the co-founder of China VIS Arts Program (China VISAP). Currently she is a professor in computer art and animation at Syracuse University.

Yoon Chung Han – San José State University

Yoon Chung Han is an interaction designer, multimedia artist, and researcher. Her researches include data visualization, biometric data visualization and sonification, a new interface for musical expression, and multimodal sensory user experience design. Her recent research focus was on multimodal interactions using body data, in particular on creating a personalized experience in media arts using biometric data visualization and sonification. Her works have been presented in many international exhibitions, conferences, and academic journals such as ACM SIGGRAPH, Japan media arts festival, ZKM, NIME, ISEA, IEEE VIS, ACM CHI, and Leonardo Art Journal. She holds a Ph.D. at the Media Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara, and currently is an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at the Department of Design in the San Jose State University.