Rose Ansari
School Information:
Graduate Student
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Artwork Information:
Medium: Telecommunication VR Robotic Sonic Screen-based Art
Category: Bio Art, Electronics and Art, and Wearable Art
Year Produced: 2024

Aesthusion = Aesthetic + Visual + Fusion

Aesthusion is a wireless, portable, battery-powered wearable device. This researched-based project is an exploration at the intersection of art, technology, and neuroscience, aimed at redefining the boundaries of human perception and expression. Through the integration robotics, virtual reality (VR), and brainwave data analysis, Aesthusion transforms the intangible realm of thought into tangible, multisensory experiences. At its core, this project utilizes the structure of a VR headset as a telecommunication device, bridging the gap between the intricacies of individual cognition and the external world. By capturing the intricate patterns of brainwave data and translating them into a dynamic spectrum of high and low-frequency sound, Aesthusion orchestrates a symphony of auditory and visual stimuli on the VR screen and speaker. Drawing inspiration from Strabismus, Auditory-visual synesthesia, and the concept of “thinking out loud,” Aesthusion delves deep into the phenomenology of perception. Through the lens of Gestalt theory, it seeks to unravel the complexities of human cognition, offering a bio feedback-loop snapshot of individual state of mind. Inspired by Optical art, Aesthusion employs sophisticated algorithms and filters in p5.js to create mesmerizing fluctuations in images, captivating attention and evoking a sense of flux. The project aims to challenge conventional notions of art representation and human sensory perception by integrating dissonance in color and texture (visual elements) with frequency, amplitude, and oscillation in sound (audio components).Central to Aesthusion is the concept of the “third ear” – a metaphorical construct within the system for perceiving tonal sound frequencies beyond the auditory realm. At its essence, Aesthusion poses a profound question: “Can you hear and see my notion and mind?” Through its immersive experiences, it invites participants to transcend the confines of individual consciousness and forge connections on a deeper, more visceral level. By pushing the boundaries of art and science, Aesthusion aims to inspire non-verbal dialogue, trigger senses, and redefine the essence of human interaction.

Technical Information:

EEG Sensors, Electronics, Programming, Design objects, CNC machine, Sound and Visual design, P5js & Arduino.

Additional Information: