SIGGRAPH History Online Archives – A Journey into the Past

Co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee and the Digital Arts Community
Coordinated by: Bonnie Mitchell and Jan Searleman

Event Date and Time: 10 August 2021 : 11am – 12:30pm PDT


This presentation will showcase the new ACM SIGGRAPH History Archive currently in development. In 2023, SIGGRAPH will be celebrating its 50th conference and will be focusing on the significant contributions to computer graphics and interactive techniques that the SIGGRAPH community has made over the years. The online archive is being designed to enable cross-connections between data, including direct relationships between contributors and their contributions. This is a volunteer effort involving pioneers, artists, computer scientists, interns, students, and other SIGGRAPH community members. The archive team is currently collecting, digitizing, and entering all SIGGRAPH-related artifacts to this new online resource. The archive currently contains information related to: Conferences, Contributors, Appy Hour, Art Show, Computer Animations, E-Tech, CG Quarterly, SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR), Courses, Awards, and Collectibles. This project is an incredible resource for historians, researchers, educators, students, artists, practitioners, and community members. The archive and related historical information will be presented by Bonnie Mitchell, Jan Searleman, Mary Whitton, Dana Plepys, and the student archive team (Alexa Mahajan, Luis Wilson, Lindsey Sykes, and Felix Bangert).
Bonnie Mitchell – Bowling Green State University
Janice Searleman – Clarkson University
Mary Whitton – UNC Chapel Hill
Dana Plepys – University of Illinois at Chicago


ACM SIGGRAPH History Archive: https://history.siggraph.org


Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie Mitchell is a new media artist and Professor at Bowling Green State University in Digital Arts, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. Mitchell is a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH History and Digital Arts Committee where she focuses on the development of the SIGGRAPH archives and coordination of the SPARKS lecture series. Mitchell’s artworks explore spatial and experiential relationships to our physical, social, cultural, and psychological environment through interaction, abstraction and audio. Her current creative practice focuses on development of physically immersive environments using interaction via electronics and special FX to reveal change over time. Her work has been exhibited internationally at numerous venues.

Jan Searleman

Jan Searleman taught Computer Science at Clarkson University for 37 years, retired in 2015, and since retirement has been an Adjunct Research Professor at Clarkson. Her research areas are Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interaction, and Artificial Intelligence. In 1979, Jan, along with colleague James Lynch, established a major in Computer Science. She was also instrumental in creating Clarkson’s MS and PhD in Computer Science. Jan created and taught a variety of CS courses, including Artificial Intelligence in 1979, and Computer Graphics in 1980 (in the days of a green dot on a black screen). In the 1990s, she created a student lab in Virtual Reality, and introduced a course on Virtual Environments. A senior member of the ACM since 1976, and of SIGGRAPH since 1978, Jan established Clarkson’s ACM student chapter in 1980. She also created Clarkson’s ACM SIGGRAPH student chapter. She advised both chapters until her retirement.