Bonnie L Mitchell
Photographer: Paul Hagen

Bonnie Mitchell is a new media artist and Professor at Bowling Green State University in Digital Arts, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. Mitchell is a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH History and Digital Arts Committee where she focuses on the development of the SIGGRAPH archives and coordination of the SPARKS lecture series. Mitchell’s artworks explore spatial and experiential relationships to our physical, social, cultural, and psychological environment through interaction, abstraction and audio. Her current creative practice focuses on development of physically immersive environments using interaction via electronics and special FX to reveal change over time. Her work has been exhibited internationally at numerous venues.

SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Roles:
  • SPARKS Moderator
  • Exhibition Curator
  • DAC Committee Member
  • Exhibition Committee
  • Exhibition Jury
  • SIGGRAPH Conference DAC Presenter
  • SPARKS Coordinator
  • SPARKS Jury
  • Student Competition Coordinator