Rosa Nussbaum

Rosa Nussbaum is a visual artist whose work speculates on queer, feminist alternatives to the systems of power we live under, examining space travel, the built environment, friendship and intergenerational trauma. Rosa works at the intersection of performance and sculpture with an emphasis on interactivity and digital technologies. Their work uses storytelling and humour to make difficult subjects relatable and approachable. Rosa has exhibited internationally including showing work with Residency Unlimited New York, the Hiroshima MoCA and Glasgow International as well as Babycastles, New York, NY, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO, Women and Their Work, Austin, TX and the ACC Gallerie, Weimar, Germany. They hold an MFA in Studio Art: Transmedia from the University of Austin at Texas and a BFA in Fine Art: Print and Time Based Media from Wimbledon College of Arts, the University of the Arts London.

SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Roles:
  • SPARKS Presenter